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A marketing and branding affiliate representing Handbell Musicians of America.
For Purposes of this page, the terms "Area 2" and "Area II" are synonymous.
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Area 2 Twice Tolled Tales (TTT)

Subscribing to Area 2 Newsletter (TTT) Notices

Area 2 publishes its newsletter online. When you subscribe, you will receive a notice that the Newsletter has been posted on our website and is available for viewing and/or downloading to your computer. The actual newsletter is not emailed as it may contain photos or images that consume significant email space. This process allows us to maintain the most current newsletter while minimizing the data flowing on the network.

If you are interested in receiving communications from Area 2 regarding its activities, click here.

Current Issue

You can download a pdf version of the current newsletter: June 2014


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Advertise in the AGEHR Area 2 Newsletter

Note: Effective October, 2010, AGEHR Area 2 will be publishing its Newsletter on or about the following dates:
    Publish Date
    Ad Copy Deadline
    February 1st
    Submit ad copy by January 15th
    June 1st
    Submit ad copy by May 15th
    September 1st
    Submit ad copy by August 15th
    November 1st
    Submit ad copy by October 15th

    Support Area 2 and its handbell/handchime activities

    To place an ad in the newsletter:

    • Select the size of advertisement you wish to have included. Ads may be placed either vertically or horizontally. The current ad sizes available and their costs can be found by downloading the order form.

    • To place an ad, include the following:

      • Camera-ready copy of the advertisement.
      • One advertisement order form for each different advertisement design. The order form is available for download.
      • Have the authorized person sign each advertisement order form.
      • Make a copy of the form and a copy of the advertisement for your records.

    • Mail all of the above (make sure form is signed) plus payment to:
             Christina Lenti, Treasurer
             AGEHR Area 2 Twice Tolled Tales
             Third Presbyterian Church
             4 Meigs Street
             Rochester, NY 14607

    • Email a copy of the advertisement to Christina Lenti at [email protected] with the advertisement as an attachment. They will be accepted if the ad is in jpg, gif or other picture format.


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