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For Purposes of this page, the terms "Area 2" and "Area II" are synonymous.
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Endowment and Lending Programs

Area 2 offers a number of opportunities to assist local organizations and individuals in furthering the missions of AGEHR and Area 2. These opportunities include funding of grants and scholarships through our Endowment Fund and the availability of lending resources to help promote the art of handbell and handchime ringing. We hope that you will read through the various program information and, if not directly applicable to you, encourage other new members and groups to participate as appropriate.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Endowment program within Area 2, please feel free to contact the Chair of the Endowment Committee or any of the committee members. They are listed in our current Board memberlisting under Appointed Board Advisors on our "People" page.


Individuals, Choirs, Schools, Houses of Worship and Corporations are all beneficiaries of music. Indeed, without the generous donations from these groups, our work would be severely limited. Please consider contributing to the growth of our Endowment Fund to further our work in the art of Handbell music.

A general form is available to help simplify your giving to our Endowment Fund. It can be found at Area 2 General Endowment Fund Gift Form. Thank you for your generosity.

Grants and Scholarships

Area 2 sponsors several grants and scholarship programs which are funded through the Area 2 Endowment Fund, a part of the organization´┐Żs charitable branch. Grant funds are made to Area 2 members, organizations and Area 2 subgroups for projects that support the mission of AGEHR and Area 2 and to encourage and support creative projects. Scholarship funds are distributed to qualifying applicants for individual scholarships to promote the art of handbell ringing and directing.

Area 2 Grants and Scholarships

     Endowment Grant Program and Application

Area 2 Scholarships

     Betty B. Garee Scholarship

     Charlie P. Cramer Scholarship

Handchime Lending Program

Lending provides a way in which resources can be borrowed that, the cost of which, might otherwise be beyond the reach of new or growing organizations or individuals. Area 2 provides Handchime Lending Program through which actual handchime sets are available to groups to start, expand and/or enhance their musical abilities and artistry.

The Handchime Lending Program has a preferred deadline for applications. This deadline is used to help manage the demand and essentially assign a priority of need based on a first come first served basis. Getting your application in by this deadline will assure that your application is processed on an equal basis with all others that meet the deadline.

However, if there additional sets available beyond the number of applications received by the deadline, Area 2 will continue to accept requests as is possible. So in order to help meet your plans, it is important to get your application in by the deadline stated in the application.

Select the program below to learn more about these opportunities!

Note: Please remember that our applications are, in many cases, multi-pages in length, so be sure to use your slider to view all pages beyond page 1. If in doubt, please print the entire document in order to get all the pages.

     Handchime Lending Program


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